Park Place Baby Shower: Bernadette and Baby Maddox

2016-01-25_0061This Sunday I got to celebrate my beautiful cousin and her newest addition! I am beyond excited for this little guy’s arrival. My cousin Bernadette is one of the most amazing people I have ever known and is going to be the best mother!

I pulled up in awe of the beautiful location for her shower. Park Place transports you back in time and was the perfect place to shower Bernadette and Maddox with love.


There were friends, family members, gifts, and many well wishes all around. There is something wonderful about getting a group of women together…some strangers… some who have known each other a lifetime…. there are introductions, stories, laughs, and smiles.  I love to see generations sharing wisdom and love knowing the newest little one will be so blessed with love.2016-01-25_00292016-01-25_0010

Little Maddox received an entire wardrobe, bedding, and the things his parents will need to love and spoil him while keeping their sanity.




Our grandma is recovering and could not make the shower so she skyped to watch the events. She is an amazing support for her family and I know Bernadette will use all she’s taught her to be a wonderful mother!


After a marathon gift opening session it was time to get that baby some food! IT WAS DELICIOUS! Italian food that everyone loved.2016-01-25_0101




CAKE! Now I am sure this cake was amazing as everyone devoured it, but I must confess I do not like chocolate cake (I know its crazy) so I can not say it firsthand.




The laughter was contagious and everyone enjoyed visiting and talking babies.


These ladies made this wonderful day happen. Thank you for showering this amazing woman. Now baby Maddox come greet the world!2016-01-25_0050

4 thoughts on “Park Place Baby Shower: Bernadette and Baby Maddox

  1. Awe! Monica thank you so much for taking pictures and creating this beautiful little post. You have such a talent for adding a creative, sentimental touch to every life event we celebrate… big or small. I’m so thankful for you and so glad you’re a part of our lives. Xoxo.


  2. Thank you so so much. Fabulous job. It was a beautiful day, the pictures show all the smiles and happiness. Thanks AGAIN.


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