Wisconsin Wedding: Andrea & Rory


When you are asked to photograph a wedding it is always special! There is something that brings out the sentimental sap in me though when I am asked to photograph a friends wedding. I have known Andrea since high school. She has always been fun, quick witted, and honest. She will tell you like it is…like when she organizes a summer volleyball league and she says “we won’t be good, but it will be fun” Boy was she right.

I was honored to capture her beautiful day and share in some amazing moments as she married the wonderful Rory at one of our hometown churches that holds such special meaning to her.2016-01-16_0005-22016-01-16_00082016-01-16_00102016-01-16_0009-22016-01-16_0017-22016-01-16_0012

This group was so agreeable during the entire day. I am excited to see one of these gorgeous girls this week for a maternity shoot!


This dance…. OH THIS DANCE! These two took lessons and danced beautifully. I am jealous of the beauty and elegance of their first dance!  I will always remember this one.


I wish you two a lifetime full of love and happiness!

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