Wedding: Leanne & Chris A Second Shooter Point of View

Okay so I confess I get nervous (maybe its more anxious not sure which is more accurate but you get the idea) before every shoot…yes EVERY shoot. I know I have been doing this for years, but I am being trusted to capture important and very special moments in my clients’ lives. I take this to heart and I want… no I need… to get it right. I want them to look back with fondness and think, “remember how we were all laughing at _______”….or “that was such a blast remember how great that day was?” I want to capture the genuine love and fun so the couple, family, friends are transported back to a great feeling.  I want beautiful images of wonderful emotions and times with no stress on my clients.

So when my friend who I admire as a friend and amazing photographer asked me to be her second shooter on this wedding I was excited and also a little scared. When you are hired to shoot a wedding you know whats expected. You get to know your client, you know how they like to be photographed from the engagement session, and you know the people/things that are important to them. When you come in as a second shooter you don’t have the privilege of knowing all of this….you don’t have that ease with the couple….plus you have the added pressure (self imposed here) of wanting to create beautiful work for your friend and her business.

After meeting Chris and Leanne these fears quickly dissipated. I got to watch a game with the guys before the wedding, Laugh through the streets of Milwaukee, and watch sweet moments between these newlyweds all while shooting with one of my friends. HOW AMAZING! I hope you enjoy my view as a second shooter!



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