Engagement Session: Candace & Allan

2016-02-28_0001This weekend I got to spend time in beautiful weather with an adorable couple that is so much in love.  This engagement shoot is the first time I got to meet Candace and Allan,and the meeting made me even more excited for my upcoming wedding season! ( I know I have said this before but really I have the greatest brides!)  I loved hearing how these two met six years ago and now are running their own zoo….okay so they don’ t really run a zoo but they do have a love for animals and own their own group of “fur babies”.  They were at home outdoors and now I am just praying their outdoor ceremony happens without a hitch!2016-02-28_00052016-02-28_00042016-02-28_00062016-02-28_00022016-02-28_0003We were laughing through this entire shoot.  These two are so genuine! The next shot with Candace and Allan is my favorite only because Allan lit up when he had his arms around his fiance.  These moments when you can feel a couples joy is why I do photography!2016-02-28_00102016-02-28_00082016-02-28_00072016-02-28_00112016-02-28_00122016-02-28_00092016-02-28_0015How adorable are these two! So happy for you guys!2016-02-28_00162016-02-28_00172016-02-28_00142016-02-28_00202016-02-28_00212016-02-28_00232016-02-28_00252016-02-28_00242016-02-28_00222016-02-28_00262016-02-28_0027Thank you Candace and Allan for sharing your amazing story with me. I am so excited to kick off what is sure to be an amazing wedding season with YOUR BIG DAY!  I can’t wait to see all of your hard work pay off as you celebrate your love.

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