Our Family: Easter 2016

This is a glimpse into our wonderful Easter weekend with family. We have a LARGE family and this holiday we were blessed to spend time with some of them on my dad’s side and my in laws.  While I love all of these photos and memories of coloring eggs, egg hunts, and Easter Bunny treasures… the true meaning of Easter leaves me feeling unimaginable thanks and joy that we are all so loved! Enjoy a glimpse into our celebrations!


Our oldest niece was able to join us and everyone was excited!


After coloring eggs we headed out for our annual egg hunt in the yard. This is quite possibly the tradition I love the most. All of my dad’s family young and old get excited and the joy on the kids’ faces is worth more then anything!


How many adults does it take to find 75 eggs?


After the big hunt we headed in to celebrate the amazing man I get to call my husband! His birthday is in March and my Step mom made him a delicious lemon cake to celebrate.


After the birthday party my little princess allowed me to take a few shots of her adorableness.  She is growing so quickly and will be celebrating another year shortly too.  I love our little Smiley!


Then it came…EASTER SUNDAY morning! Our kids searched the house giggling all the way.  They were so excited to find each one.


These were the favorite gifts this year (If you can’t tell by expressions).


Thank you for sharing a glimpse into our fun filled weekend. We hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!

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