Wisconsin Wedding: Tiffany & Castenzio

I love weddings, so here is another one from the archives. I met Tiffany and Castenzio through a mutual friend and was QUICKLY thanking that friend for recommending me. These two were so pleasant and in love (oh and planned a wonderful wedding day with beautiful details.)


This moment… oh this moment. Tiffany and Castenzio shared a very special prayer for their marriage moments before they walked down the aisle. Their marriage is founded in God and this prayer was one part of the day I remember so vividly even years later.


Another moment that would be hard to forget is Tiffany serenading her groom with a song she wrote for him during the ceremony. HER VOICE IS BEAUTIFUL! It was breathtaking to witness this and made for a ceremony that was very unique to the couple.


After this memorable morning we headed to The Historic Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee for fun…oh and portraits of course. This bridal party was gorgeous and nailed any “look” I could throw at them. Their willingness and genuine happiness made formals and portraits go so quickly that we made it back to enjoy the the hors d’oeurves at cocktail hour.


Did you spot our little friend that showed up in Tiffany’s bouquet???


The reception was full of purple, candy, a mariachi band, choreographed dances and was a night to remember. Tiff and Stenz…. thank you for allowing me to capture a day I still talk about. You two were a dream!

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