Trash The Dress: Bethany & David

So by now you know I love to capture beautiful weddings! I am a hopeless romantic and enjoy helping couples remember their day for a lifetime with beautiful images of their wedding.  That being said I had a blast shooting this trash the dress session and love the images so much I had to share them! I was so shocked when Beth said she wanted to do this session…the DAY after her wedding! I usually would do a shoot like this now, two years after the wedding and sometimes even longer after the day as most brides can’t bear to think of trashing their gown. Beth knew that she wouldn’t have an opportunity to be in a paradise like location with her gown and all again so she went all in! 2016-02-19_00082016-02-19_00042016-02-19_00052016-02-19_00062016-02-19_00072016-02-19_00092016-02-19_0013Everyone needs a photo like next photo in their bedroom! 2016-02-19_00112016-02-19_00102016-02-19_0015This beautiful woman can nail any look…seriously! 2016-02-19_0012

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