Corso Family


I love getting to meet new families, especially adorable ones full of love!  This family was simply stunning. I was nervous when this gorgeous little girl stepped out of the car and clung behind her daddy’s leg. I was thinking, “uh oh we have some shy kiddos who may not want to smile on cue today.” Sometimes it is great to be wrong! Within a minute this little beauty was posing and grinning ear to ear. She loves to have her picture taken almost as much as she loves her family.  Her little one year old brother was even all smiles, I didn’t find out until the end of the shoot that he has been battling ear infections for MONTHS! These two were a dream and their beautiful and loving parents only added to the experience.


Daddy time. Tony did a fantastic job in front of the camera and when not in a picture he was working hard to keep these kiddos comfortable and giggling.


Momma’s time to shine. Can you say mini me for the girls?! Holly you are stunning and your trust allowed everyone in your family to have a good time the entire shoot!




This family’s interactions are so full of love it was a joy to capture these moments!

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