Pliskie Family


May in Wisconsin is very unpredictable, but I was lucky to get this adorable family’s session in after only one reschedule.  It’s hard to believe that I have been photographing this fabulous foursome for four years now (although there were only three members back then.)  This family is always so fun and easy going and their backyard reminds me of a secret garden found in fairytales.  We had a dance party and some giggles despite one kiddo recovering from some ear troubles (these poor kids lately!) Enjoy the trip to a whimsical enchanted forest with a wonderful family…


This beauty has personality and looks!


These two together…. oh the love!


Such a trooper! This kiddo is such a great big bro and so adorable!


Wonder and some moments with Daddy…


Mommy can make everything better!


Thank you Pliskie family for another memorable session. I love to capture your family at each stage while getting to catch up!


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